This blog, Reclaiming Balance, grew from my deep concern that our world is drastically out of balance in ways we don’t see. Really, we are teetering on the brink of social, economical, and environmental destruction. Personally, I find that kind of scary.

I believe the root of this imbalance lies in the fact that most cultures in our world are patriarchies. Sadly, we think that’s desirable, okay, even “normal.” But it’s not. By definition, a patriarchy is out of balance.

Patriarchy: the control by men of a disproportionately large share of power. (Merriam-Webster.com)

But hey, I was raised in a patriarchy and for years I used to accept it was normal for men to have the greatest access to political and financial power, for women to be the ones who cared for home and family, and for God to be male. Even worse, I believed that the ends justified the means and if you’re going to play the game, you play to win.

These are all attributes of a patriarchy, but like most of us, I didn’t understand. I was, figuratively speaking, a fish who didn’t understand the water in which she swam. I couldn’t see the patriarchy was out of balance because it was all I knew. But after years of study, and writing my novel, The Goddess Letters, I really do see the water now. I want to share what I’ve learned so we can work together on Reclaiming Balance.

4 Responses to About

  1. rickie says:

    So many of us have been raised the same way. Men work and hold power and women care for families and homes. Like water, the flow is always changing. Balance of all God’s (whether God is male or female) creatures should have power as well as the kindness to nurture. The power within ourselves, not power over others. And the kindness to love within as well as love one another.

  2. Melanie Foster says:

    I believe the balance of power went through another shift for the current 50 y.o male generation. This generation has been emasculated. The sitcoms all portray the stupid, unaware, bumbling father figure. I find it terribly offensive that the pendulum swung from “Father Knows Best” to “TV Couch Father” (made up name). Mostly this idea has to do with the home life of males…not the workplace. The wives and daughters are tolerating the man and finding the best ways to end run him. I feel that men are climbing out of the inequality abyss just like women…but the conversations aren’t focused on them. Of the conversations I’ve had with men (this is a favorite topic of mine), many knew some dynamic was off in their life but had no idea how to balance it. When the idea was illuminated and their words spoken, they were able to start reclaiming their power….their balanced power.

    It is my belief that women have been trying to reclaim their rightful position, and many have taken to diminishing men. The diminishing concept is what they had experienced and sort of “turned-the-tables” on men. This hasn’t helped equality flourish.

    I’m not sure where the power is…if women don’t have it and men don’t have it….where is it?

    • Thanks for commenting, Melanie. I completely agree that all of us need balance. But I think it really isn’t about men vs. women. I think it’s about yin and yang (or feminine and masculine principles). We all have both, so it isn’t guys vs. girls, but our culture has been dominated by one (yang principle) more than the other for millennia. I think if we begin to balance that with a conscious effort to value the yin principles, everyone (including nature) will benefit. And to answer your question, I think that the power comes from a balance between yin and yang. Not just yin or yang.

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