The Women’s Marches: Witness the Power of Yin


I’ve been a student of Chinese philosophy for decades and as anyone who has read this blog knows, I really resonate with the balancing energies of yin and yang. They are two sides of the same coin, two equal but very different halves of any whole. And it’s the dynamic interaction between yin and yang that keeps the whole balanced. Too dark to see? Add some light. Too hot? Add some cold. No matter what the imbalance is, adding more of the partner will bring balance.

As my January 4 blog pointed out, we have an imbalance between the masculine principle (yang) and the feminine principle (yin) in our world today. Yang ideas, beliefs, and values are more generally embraced by our patriarchal cultures worldwide and most of the troubles we see around the globe can be traced to this imbalance. But remember, the fix for an out of balance whole is to add more of the missing component. That means to reclaim balance we need more yin energy, more of the feminine principle. And guess what? It’s starting to happen!

Last Saturday, more than 3 million women and men around the world stood up for the yin values of compassion, safety, love, fairness, harmony with nature, and equality for all. In the United States, it’s been called the greatest demonstration in the history of our country. And that’s exactly what it takes to remind yang that the goal is balance, not domination. Left unchecked, yang will always go for personal success over working for the greater good. Of course we need both, but in a balanced way.

Pure yang always believes that the ends justify the means, too, and that’s just not true. And it is yin that reminds yang that the means always matter. But because yang is the energy of outward expression and yin is the energy of inward expression, yang always seems more powerful. A single candle is easily blown out by the wind. However, when millions of candles come together it’s much harder to extinguish the raging fire they create. And that’s what happened Saturday. The power of yin, which is the power of the group, spread across the world as a force to be reckoned with. A force that champions human rights, equality for all, the beauty of diversity, and the need for a healthy planet and healthy people.

The marches on Saturday were beautiful, but they were just a beginning. Yin must continue to stand together, act together, and move forward together to bring balance back. Quietness is a hallmark of yin, that is where yin is most comfortable. Yet this is not a time to be quiet. This is a time for the feminine principle to get back on a dance floor that has been dominated by yang for far too long. It is a time for yin to take action, not something that is natural for yin, but something that is very necessary to reclaim the balance our world needs.

Going forward, we need to continue to make our yin voices heard and share what’s in our hearts. Yang is governed by the brain, but it is yin that is governed by the heart. Yin truly speaks for the World Heart. Speak now to anyone who will listen, but especially speak to the government where you live. Local, state, nation, anyone you can. The organizers of the marches have suggestions on how to do this on their website ( Or come up with your own ideas. Do whatever feels right to you, but please step out of the yin comfort zone and act. It is the group power of yin that will heal the world.

About Vicki Matthews

Award-winning author, naturopath, and teacher who is passionate about establishing balance in our world.
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