Balance Needed: Now More Than Ever

Hi Everyone! I’m back from the break I took to finish my Five Elements book, The Five Faces of Relationships. Check out my ASK VICKI blog for thoughts on that topic. But now, on to the important business of Reclaiming Balance!

sunset Catt L

It’s such a beautiful world, our planet Earth. And most people living here are good people, or try to be. But they are like fish that don’t understand the water in which they swim. Because most cultures on our planet are patriarchies, masculine principles are considered the norm. For example, in a patriarchy it’s normal to think bigger is better, it’s normal for divinity to be male, and it’s normal for men to be the primary players in our governments. It’s even normal to believe that the ends justify the means or that kindness doesn’t matter.

But of course, it really isn’t normal; it’s just the way things have been for so long that we don’t think to question it. However, longevity doesn’t make something right. It’s wrong for men to have a disproportionate amount of power in our world.  It’s wrong for nature to be nothing more than a commodity.  It’s wrong for the feminine perspective to be dismissed as irrelevant. It’s wrong for cruelty to be acceptable.

And that means it’s right to try to shift this imbalance in any way we can. The hallmarks of the feminine principle, something we all have but women embody more, need to matter. Kindness needs to matter. Equality needs to matter. The greater good needs to matter for our people and our planet. And for those of us who believe this, who want our world to be loving, kind, and fair, it’s time to stand up.

We need to give ourselves in whatever way we can to help the future in the distance. We need to assist in reclaiming the balance so desperately needed in our world. And we need to do it now. I’m in. Are you?

Seek Balance: How does living in a patriarchy perpetuate imbalance? What needs to change? What can you do? And will you?

About Vicki Matthews

Award-winning author, naturopath, and teacher who is passionate about establishing balance in our world.
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2 Responses to Balance Needed: Now More Than Ever

  1. Mary L Benner says:

    Totally agree with this article. And right now I like to believe we are in the last chapters of patriarchy. Planet Earth along with all the assistance of the wondrous ‘other side’ help is rupturing out in an earthquake/volcano like fashion the gross distortions, corruption, abuse and horrific disrespect in the patriarchal paradigm. My hearts’ hope is that the goodness in the soul of humanity is seeking an intense viable voice with a commitment we have never known. The Feminine Principle is leading the way. It is our survival.

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