The Necessity of Love and Compassion

heart river Lama

One can always count on the Dalai Lama to say things like they are. And although he doesn’t specifically emphasize it, he’s great at highlighting cultural imbalances between the masculine and feminine principles. Today, it’s how each principle approaches love and compassion.

The masculine principle, the dominant force in our patriarchal cultures, views accomplishment and success as very important goals. That means that the ends will almost always justify the means for the masculine principle. Love and compassion are frequently irrelevant.

The feminine principle, however, sees love and compassion as exceedingly important end goals. How you do something is more important to the feminine principle than what you do. But in our out of balance world, all aspects of the feminine principle are usually dismissed as signs of weakness. What large company in America would hire someone who clearly placed love and compassion over accomplishment? Sadly, not many. The bulk of the Western world will value material success and accomplishment over love and compassion any day of the workweek.

To reclaim balance in our world, we need to bring the feminine principle values of love and compassion more firmly into our culture. Soon would be good. And bless the Dalai Lama; at some level he knows this. As he says, without them, we cannot survive.

Seek Balance: Could you spend a whole day focused on how you do things instead of what you do? Try it and see.

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