Two Sides of Love

aqua bridge Rumi

The actions of the feminine and masculine principles both manifest love. The masculine principle will protect and defend in the name of love. The feminine principle will nurture and connect in the name of love. Together they weave the whole of love, but their mechanisms differ greatly. The masculine principle will push away anything threatening in order to protect those it loves. The feminine principle will pull the desirable toward itself to connect. Both are needed, both make up the whole of love.

And yet, as always, Rumi is wise in what he offers us. He speaks to us of love, but does so in the language of the feminine principle. Clearly he knows our patriarchal culture does not need more of the love that separates to protect. Our well-honed ability to fight and defend in the outer world may soon take us to the brink of extinction. We do not need more walls or division.

Instead, our world needs more of the love that reaches out to build bridges of connection, which sits in the feminine principle. For our world to reclaim balance, as Rumi wisely states, we need more of the love that bridges us to everything else: nature, our world, and each other. That connecting could be humanity’s salvation. May it be soon.

Seek Balance: Do you feel the love in your heart? Does that love want to reach out to others? Can you let it?

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2 Responses to Two Sides of Love

  1. Tim Farage says:

    Beautifully written!

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