Fear: The Great Paralyzer

heart fear Coelho

Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.

– Paulo Coelho

It’s all about the fear. Fear impedes, separates, and will always make any situation worse. The fear of failure can birth failure. The fear of love is inclined to prevent love. And the fear of living will create death.

Fear can stop us in our tracks, warp our reality, and isolate us. It’s the great paralyzer. And paradoxically, it is also a great motivator for exactly the same reasons. If you want to stop anything, plant the seed of suffering around the goal and the goal will rarely be reached. Extremists know this well. So do politicians.

In patriarchal cultures, those unbalanced cultures all over our planet ruled solely by masculine principles, fear in some form or another has become a common tool. Whether killing people or merely assassinating an opponent’s character, fear works. That’s because fear separates us, making it easier to rule, govern, or control. Just re-read what Machiavelli wrote about fear in The Prince.

But there’s an even more powerful tool available to all of us and that’s love. It sits in the feminine principle and makes all things possible. Love builds bridges. Love embraces the greater good. Love unites and transforms. All we need is love, for everyone and everything, and we can reclaim the balance that will heal our world. Said simply, if we want to change the world, we need love. And the absence of fear.

Seek Balance: How often does fear stop you? Might a healthy does of love help?

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About Vicki Matthews

Award-winning author, naturopath, and teacher who is passionate about establishing balance in our world.
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2 Responses to Fear: The Great Paralyzer

  1. Tim Farage says:

    Yoda must be following your blog. He said, “Hate and fear lead to the Dark Side of the Force.”

  2. And wise he is, indeed! I knew I loved Yoda.

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