Would You Change the World?


The idea of changing the world has always appealed to me. Not that I think Earth’s such a bad place. I really don’t. Our planet is a sparkling gem in a sea of stars. What I believe needs to change is how we humans treat our world, and each other.

Because our cultures are patriarchies, we have come to accept that the values of the masculine principle are the norm. I mean, they’ve been around for over three millennia, so they’re pretty entrenched. And because of this, we don’t even think to question much of what we do. Like fish, we don’t see the water in which we swim.

If I could change the world, I’d change our blind acceptance of many apparently  “normal” ideals. This would include the belief that possessing material goods is one of the highest goals in life. That it often takes violence to settle disputes. That pollution is the necessary cost of industrialization. That a fair approach to life is each man for himself.  That women are less than men in terms of competency, smarts, wisdom, and worth.

In our world, a disproportionately large number of people believe these statements to be true. But they are wrong. We are not our possessions; we are our character and our ability to love. We do not need to resort to violence; there is power in numbers when people seek peace. It may be easier and cheaper to pollute, but we are the ones who will pay in the long run, and we will pay with our health and our lives. At a cosmic level we are all one and all equal; no one should have to go it alone. And women are unequivocally not less than men in all the ways that count; in fact they are better in many ways and this is how balance is maintained.

To help reclaim balance in our world, we do need to change the world. Most importantly, we need to change how we approach the world and her people. And as Harriet Tubman says, we all have within us the strength, patience, and passion to do that. Now if we could just find the will.

Seek Balance:  How would you change the world if you could? Can you start today?

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About Vicki Matthews

Award-winning author, naturopath, and teacher who is passionate about establishing balance in our world.
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