The Balance of Forgiveness


I don’t know about you, but I usually find my ability to forgive inversely related to how personally I take the infraction.  My ease of forgiveness also depends on the intention of the infracting source.

For example, if my puppy has an accident on the floor, I know she didn’t get up that morning and decide to ruin my carpet, so it’s pretty easy to forgive her.  But if people specifically go out of their way to hurt me or someone I love, I find it much more challenging to forgive.  And yet, I think Marianne Williamson is right; forgiveness will heal the world because when we forgive, I believe we are reclaiming balance in a decisive way.

I look at forgiveness as a move away from the masculine principle’s self-focus and toward the feminine principle’s group focus.  I also think forgiveness is an act of compassion, which as I said last Friday, sits in the feminine principle.  To forgive means that we raise ourselves out of the personal, out of the realm that was injured in some way, and view the situation from a compassionate perspective that supports forgiveness.

Another important aspect of forgiveness is that it fosters unity.  An unforgiven act drives a wedge between the victim and the perpetrator, creating separateness.  That separateness cleaves the whole and supports the individual over the group, a very masculine principle approach.  The feminine principle will never justify a cruel act, but it will forgive so that there is movement toward unity and balance.  And isn’t that what our world needs?

Seek Balance:  Who or what do you need to forgive today?  Can you do it?

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About Vicki Matthews

Award-winning author, naturopath, and teacher who is passionate about establishing balance in our world.
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